Why Hava Kent?


Having a home is quite difficult due to high prices and endless mortgage paments. Hava kent brings solution to these by offering you the easiest way to have a home. How? Hava Kent opens you gates to a great investment opportunity by 1000TL monthly instalments.

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If you find the price and location reasonable, next thing is to consider the facilities of the project. Is it just an apartment of a giant recreation center?
7/24 security
Indoor / Outdoor parking areas
Tennis, basketball ve Football fields
Gym Center
Outdoor swimming pool
Shopping Mall and otel .

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An apartment with a very affordable price might not be a very good choice due to it´s location.Hava Kent is rising in a new living area which is considered to be one of the most promising locations of Istanbul-
3 km to New Airport
1 km to Odayeri Intersection
750 meters to the new marina
1.5 km to the Marmara Highway

Detailed location

Maintenance Fee

Those fees are generally not taken into consideration when buying apartments. However, they bother the most owners in the future. Who wants to pay monthly high maintenance fees which are almost as high as the rents?. Hava Kent brings solution to that problem as well. Hava Kent slightly reduces the maintenance fees by using its own facilities´ incomes such as shopping mall and hotel.

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